Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nasty things that bite

Today I'm doing some research on Neem Oil.

The Neem Tree is native to the Indian subcontinent, and the oil of the plant has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and insecticidal properties.

We're traveling to South East Asia in a couple of months and I want to do everything in my power keep us healthy and Mosquito bite free.

Neem Oil acts as an insect repellent, so coating ourselves in this wonder oil should help in part to keep the Malaria infected nasties at bay.

I'm going to make an all-in-one soap - we'll be using it to wash our hair with as well as our bodies.  Insects are attracted to sweet smelling perfumes and lotions, so stinky Neem will be a great allie for our travels.

Of course we'll still be coating ourselves with plenty of DEET too - you really don't want to take chances with Malaria or Dengue Fever.

We'll be smelling so strongly of anti-mosquito products that I doubt even people will want to talk to us!

(I took this photo on our last trip to Vietnam while we were cycling in the countryside near Cần Thơ)

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