Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Frank and Dean Co. Ltd and Saponify Autumn Giveaway! (day 2)

Good morning,

It's day 2 of our combined The Frank and Dean Co. Ltd, and Saponify giveaway and up for grabs today is a 100ml tub of my luxurious Rose Geranium, Mandarin and Patchouli Hand and Body Butter.

To enter you must 'like' Frank and Dean and Saponify on Facebook, then leave us a comment to let us know you're keen!  Easy!

Stay tuned everyday either here or on facebook to find out what else could be heading your way.. Clue: There is some very sweet stationery involved.. Check out these beautiful products here!


  1. yum!! im a follower of both and blogged yesterday =)

  2. I'm now following - I wish I had found your blog sooner. Your products look divine!

    I would love to win this hand and body butter, my poor little hands aren't feeling their best , quite dry!

  3. Hello knightlight! Gosh, what a beautiful blog you have! Thank you for the blog post, very sweet of you :)
    I'll make sure you get another entry into the competition for your extra special effort!

  4. Hi there MissSensuous! Thank you very much :)
    Aren't dry hands just the worst thing - this windy Autumn weather wreaks havoc on our skin at this time of the year. Good luck for the competition! :)

  5. Oh - was just looking at your website and saw that you have lip balm - my favorite!

  6. Your products look amazing! I've liked Frank and Dean and Saponify on facebook.
    Am off to keep on browsing your store now, so many products I want.

  7. What beautiful products!! Love what you do!
    Have "liked" both you and frank and dean.
    Will be adding some of your stuff to my birthday list...but wait....mothers day comes first! lol
    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Hi there!
    Sounds like a great giveaway you have :)

    Love how your blog is coming along and the body butter looks delish!! I need some for winter cos my hands will get dry from college!!


  9. Hi MissSensuous - What a shame it's out of stock! I'm waiting on a delivery of lip tubes so that I can make some more - I'll be sure to let everyone know when they're available again :)

  10. Hi GlossQueen, thank you for your lovely feedback on my products. Good luck for the prize giveaway!

  11. Hi Setiuz Mama - good luck for the prize draw! I hope that you're also having a lovely weekend. :)

  12. Hey Leonie! Thanks for the feedback on the blog, it's a work in progress, like everything is with a small business (as you well know!)
    Your hands must suffer terribly with all the punishment you give them at college - you'll need to keep them well nourished to stop them from cracking and drying I imagine!

  13. Hey Sarah,
    You're right, my hands do take a battering! This body butter will definitely stop that I imagine!! :D


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