Monday, March 14, 2011

Goats Milk and Activated Charcoal Complexion Soap - an update

Following on from my blog post last week, here are my now two-tone soaps curing on the drying racks.  I think I like this style better than the previous style - somehow they seem more polished-looking to me.

There's also the added advantage that you can choose to use either the slightly scrubby Activated Charcoal side, or the smooth and silky Goats Milk side of the soap when you wash with it.

There's still a couple of the three-tone beauties available, so I'll keep the image on the website the same until these have cured and are ready for sale.  Lovely!


  1. This is such a clever idea , they look quite cute too!

  2. Thank you! They're definitely one of my more challenging recipes to make, so I'm glad that the effort is appreciated :)


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