Thursday, March 10, 2011

Makeover time!

I've been unhappy with the packaging for my Bath Salts for quite some time now. I always felt that the cellophane bags detracted from the pretty Bath Salts inside, and didn't really show the product to be as lovely as it really is. An added issue was that the bags weren't very strong, so I had to double bag them when I sent them to customers in the mail, crossing my fingers that they would arrive safely.  Definitely a drama I could have done without!

I've recently invested in some stand-up pouches for my bath salts, and I must say I just love them!  They're sturdy, protect the product really nicely, and they're resealable - great for a bag that contains at least 5 baths worth of salts.

Here's some pictures of the evolution of my Bath Salts packaging, in reverse chronological order:

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