Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bath Salts - back by popular demand!

This time of the year is stressful.  All the lead up to Christmas and the holidays makes people a bit manic, I think.  Personally I find that a good soak in the tub one of the most grounding things I can do for myself when I'm feeling the effects of this time of year.

I took some of these bath salts to the market stall that I did recently, and they got a really great response.  It was fun seeing peoples faces as they smelled them, eyes closed, blissful looks on their faces.  I had one lady buy some for a friend that had been having a rough week.  Another bought a bag for a friend as a gift, and then came back a few minutes later to get some for herself because she loved the scent so much.

Perhaps it was the Geranium, which is one of my favourite essential oils.  Its aroma is sweet, and rosy, and herbaceous.  The oil boasts a wide range of therapeutic qualities such as being able to balance skin sebum, relieving premenstrual tension, and is anti-inflammatory.

Or maybe they loved the scent of the Ylang Ylang, which is a known aphrodisiac.  It's scent is an exotic and sweet, floral, with a slight woodsy undertone.  The oil is calming on the nerves, and also has the ability to soften skin and hair.

Lavender is the most useful, and the most widely used of all essential oils.  And I doubt you need me to explain what its aroma is like.  Lavender is a power-packed herb - anti-bacterial, sedative, antidepressant, antiseptic...  the list goes on.  I've used in in the bath salts for its calming effect on the nervous system, and because it smells amazing. 

Rosewood has a light, sweet woodsy scent that I just love.  Its in all of the Saponify facial products - cream and scrub, and our soap too.  Why?  Because it is great for sensitive skins - in particular those with dermatitis and acne.  It can also help to relieve anxiety and headaches.

We've double bagged the salts for you to keep them safe on their journey. Inside you'll find a cellophane bag that has been heat sealed to keep the salts dry and the wonderful aroma in. Feel free to empty the smaller bag into the outer bag once opened, or pop them into a clean glass jar if you're planning on keeping them anywhere damp.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Knick Knack Magazine and Saponify

A little while back I got an email from Sarah, a graphic design student at TAFE.  Sarah was working on an online magazine for her studies that celebrated local arts and crafters in Sydney, and wanted to know if she could use Saponify for an advert in the magazine.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity!

I'm really impressed at what the students have produced with their magazine - its beautifully put together and I love that it focuses on local talent here in Sydney.  You can read the magazine online for free by following this link.  The students have an end of year exhibition right now, which I'm sure is well worth checking out.  See the facebook and twitter pages for more information.

Thanks Knick Knack, I can't wait to see what you all come up with for the next issue!

This is the 1/4 page ad of Saponify, check it out on page 31 of the magazine.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One way to reuse our body butter packaging

There's a reason that all of my body butters, scrubs and face creams are packaged into tubs, rather than tubes.  They're re-usable, and recyclable.  Personally I prefer to try to give things another life rather than throw them into the recycling bin.

I've found that if you wash out your dirty cosmetic tub with soap and water, you can use it for all kinds of things.  Right now in this house we have one filled with buttons, one filled with rubber bands, and countless others holding different bits and pieces around the house.

I came up with an idea of a take-with-you-anywhere soap a while ago.  You know when you have to wash your hands while you're camping, or are using a public restroom and they have that awful pink goo in a dispenser that strips away all of your skins natural oils and makes it itchy and dry?  Gross, isn't it.

Here's a way to make your own portable, well-draining soap carrier.  If you have a chance, leave the lid off for the soap to dry out properly from time to time so you don't end up with a slushy mess.  I'm planning on popping one in the Mr's luggage when he travels next so that he has a way to carry a wee block of Saponify with him, and making another to keep in my handbag so I never have to use that awful pink goo again!

You'll need to wash your container with soap and water, and have a slice of loofah handy.

Wet the loofah with tap water, and squeeze it as dry as you can.

It will just bounce back into shape straight away (and make it extremely difficult to take a good photo)

Pop the loofah into the container, and push it out to the sides.  Now is a good time to leave it to dry for a day so you don't end up with moisture in your container.

A sliver of soap that is about 5mm thick works best

Cut the soap to size

Rip off the labels.  If you have trouble removing any sticky residue eucalyptus oil will dissolve it nicely for you.

I like to take out the foam inner so that I can wash the lid properly.  The foam inner can also be washed, dried and replaced if you choose to.

Pop your soap onto the loofah slice, and make sure there's room for the lid to go on easily.

Your new, eco-friendly travel soap container is ready to go!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The cuteness that is mini soaps

I just had to show off these tiny sample-sized pieces of soap the I made for a special wholesale customer.  Secret Squirrel at the moment - I'll tell all as soon as I can!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Saponify at the St Michael's Night Market

Some snaps from the St Michael's Night Markets on Friday night.  There was a lot of rain later in the evening, but there was a great turnout!  Quite a few people will be getting gifts of Saponify this year for Christmas I think.

All set up and ready to go!  Excuse the face I'm pulling  :)
The bath salts were really popular - I'm so glad I took so many with me.
New labels looking pretty
Body Butters, Face Creams and Scrubs lined up for testing
From the soapers perspective
More from behind the stall
My not-quite-listed May Chang soap.  So pretty!

Friday, November 16, 2012

This little soaper went to market

Just a wee sneak peak of what our products will look like at tonight's St Michael's Night Market.  We may or may not have been up until 3am printing and attaching labels.  Be kind if you find me asleep at the stall later this evening  :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Bath Teas revisited

Our baby bath teas are a gentle, unscented combination of botanicals combined to make for a soothing, calming bath for your little ones.  Run a bath for your little one with the tea bag in the water, and then bathe them in the soothing, calming water.  I love them.  Babies love them.  Mothers love them!

One thing that has always bugged me about these teas is the way that I was packaging them for sale.  A single cellophane bag around a single bath tea seemed irresponsibly wasteful, and I wasn't happy about it.  So last night (at, ahem, 1am), as I was making up a new batch for Friday night's market I came up with this pretty new way for them to be packaged for my customers.

They'll now be sold in sets of 4 bath teas, nestled in a reusable cloth drawstring bag.  They'll still come with a little note saying how best to use them, but of course it will have the fabulous new logo on it.  I love the way they look now, aren't they just the loveliest little gift for a new mum?

The cloth bag could be used for all manner of things too - store your keys and wallet in it at the beach while you're swimming, throw in your soap scraps and use it as an exfoliating bathing bag, reuse it as a gift bag for someone else special.  I'm thinking of suggesting that the mums pop a handful of oatmeal and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil into the cloth bag and use it as a bath soak for themselves - what do you think?

4 snuggly, calming baths worth.
The bath teas are biodegradable - just throw them into the compost when you're done.
I love these cloth bags - so simple and clean looking
Flowers and petals - gentle and snooze-worthy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Staying hydrated during busy times + a sneak peak at our new logo!

Staying hydrated as the weather warms up and we find ourselves hurtling at a crazy pace towards Christmas can be hard.  To combat dehydration brain I've been making up big jugs of cool herbal tea blends to sip on throughout the day.  I like to drink the tea at room temperature, but if you're a cold drink person you could refrigerate the jug of tea and sip it cold throughout the day too.  Yum!

Pile 2 heaped teaspoons of the tea leaves in a teapot, fill it with boiled water and steep the tea for 2 minutes.

Once steeped, pour off the tea into a heatproof jug through a tea strainer.  I then refill the teapot with more boiled water and make a second infusion with the same tea leaves, steep that for about 4 minutes, and then pour that into the tea jug too.

This is a 50/50 blend of organic peppermint leaves and chamomile flowers that I have made up in a little container for easy tea preparation.  Green tea also works nicely (I favour Genmaicha).

It's great to sip on all day to keep me cool, calm and hydrated.
I spy with my little eye something looking like our ALL NEW LOGO nestled prettily against one of our soaps.  Exciting!  More to come on that later.  Stay tuned!