Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bath Salts - back by popular demand!

This time of the year is stressful.  All the lead up to Christmas and the holidays makes people a bit manic, I think.  Personally I find that a good soak in the tub one of the most grounding things I can do for myself when I'm feeling the effects of this time of year.

I took some of these bath salts to the market stall that I did recently, and they got a really great response.  It was fun seeing peoples faces as they smelled them, eyes closed, blissful looks on their faces.  I had one lady buy some for a friend that had been having a rough week.  Another bought a bag for a friend as a gift, and then came back a few minutes later to get some for herself because she loved the scent so much.

Perhaps it was the Geranium, which is one of my favourite essential oils.  Its aroma is sweet, and rosy, and herbaceous.  The oil boasts a wide range of therapeutic qualities such as being able to balance skin sebum, relieving premenstrual tension, and is anti-inflammatory.

Or maybe they loved the scent of the Ylang Ylang, which is a known aphrodisiac.  It's scent is an exotic and sweet, floral, with a slight woodsy undertone.  The oil is calming on the nerves, and also has the ability to soften skin and hair.

Lavender is the most useful, and the most widely used of all essential oils.  And I doubt you need me to explain what its aroma is like.  Lavender is a power-packed herb - anti-bacterial, sedative, antidepressant, antiseptic...  the list goes on.  I've used in in the bath salts for its calming effect on the nervous system, and because it smells amazing. 

Rosewood has a light, sweet woodsy scent that I just love.  Its in all of the Saponify facial products - cream and scrub, and our soap too.  Why?  Because it is great for sensitive skins - in particular those with dermatitis and acne.  It can also help to relieve anxiety and headaches.

We've double bagged the salts for you to keep them safe on their journey. Inside you'll find a cellophane bag that has been heat sealed to keep the salts dry and the wonderful aroma in. Feel free to empty the smaller bag into the outer bag once opened, or pop them into a clean glass jar if you're planning on keeping them anywhere damp.  Enjoy!

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