Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One way to reuse our body butter packaging

There's a reason that all of my body butters, scrubs and face creams are packaged into tubs, rather than tubes.  They're re-usable, and recyclable.  Personally I prefer to try to give things another life rather than throw them into the recycling bin.

I've found that if you wash out your dirty cosmetic tub with soap and water, you can use it for all kinds of things.  Right now in this house we have one filled with buttons, one filled with rubber bands, and countless others holding different bits and pieces around the house.

I came up with an idea of a take-with-you-anywhere soap a while ago.  You know when you have to wash your hands while you're camping, or are using a public restroom and they have that awful pink goo in a dispenser that strips away all of your skins natural oils and makes it itchy and dry?  Gross, isn't it.

Here's a way to make your own portable, well-draining soap carrier.  If you have a chance, leave the lid off for the soap to dry out properly from time to time so you don't end up with a slushy mess.  I'm planning on popping one in the Mr's luggage when he travels next so that he has a way to carry a wee block of Saponify with him, and making another to keep in my handbag so I never have to use that awful pink goo again!

You'll need to wash your container with soap and water, and have a slice of loofah handy.

Wet the loofah with tap water, and squeeze it as dry as you can.

It will just bounce back into shape straight away (and make it extremely difficult to take a good photo)

Pop the loofah into the container, and push it out to the sides.  Now is a good time to leave it to dry for a day so you don't end up with moisture in your container.

A sliver of soap that is about 5mm thick works best

Cut the soap to size

Rip off the labels.  If you have trouble removing any sticky residue eucalyptus oil will dissolve it nicely for you.

I like to take out the foam inner so that I can wash the lid properly.  The foam inner can also be washed, dried and replaced if you choose to.

Pop your soap onto the loofah slice, and make sure there's room for the lid to go on easily.

Your new, eco-friendly travel soap container is ready to go!

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